Why Brands should focus on Brand Awareness


Now, everyone wants to be known right? What do you do to become popular? You basically showcase your skills to people and that is how they recognize you, and then word spreads around and you become popular. So, the next time any event comes up relating to your skill, people would prefer you and refer you for that.

In the same lines, brands (you) use their skill (brand awareness) to be popular among others (customers).

Brand awareness is in simple words, is the customers knowing about your brand. Being aware that your brand exists among various other brands. It is the awareness of the choice that they get to have. It could be the brand logo, product/service, anything related to the brand that resonates with the customer.

For example, when you think of a shoe, Adidas or Nike comes to your mind, when you think of apparel, Zara or Levi’s comes to you mind, when you think of  cab service, Ola or Uber comes to your mind. Why is that? It is because of brand awareness.

Digital marketing has certain tools and strategies like SEO, social media marketing, etc. when used in the right manner can create this kind of awareness for the brand.


· ATTENTION: It is true that quality and price are huge factors in the success of a brand. But, first, the customers should be aware that a brand even exists. Brand awareness is that digital marketing tool that helps the brand get the required attention from the target segment.

·  BRANDING: Brand awareness is one of the may steps in branding of a product. It helps in striking the right chord with the potential customers. It helps the customer to relate with the brand more easily if the brand does campaigns which show the shared values with that of the customers.

· CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: Brand awareness helps a company acquire its potential customers. It acts as the link between the brand and the customer. Through brand awareness is how customers can connect with the brand and stick to the brand if it delivers to the expectations. Brand awareness is only a supplement. If the brand does not meet expectations, it will lose customers.  

· DIFFERENTIATE: Brand awareness helps a brand show how it is different from the rest (competitors) in the market. It is a point of differentiator for the brand. This depends on factors like- creativity (Coca-Cola), social relevance (P&G), and shared values (TATA).

In conclusion, brand awareness is the moment of truth for the brand. If the customers relate to it, they buy it and if they do not, they go to the competitor. It is easy to get all the attention for a while and eventually fade out. (Micromax), the trick lies in the long run. It is difficult for any brand to sustain for a long time especially in the current times where new technology leads to new features and thus change in customer tastes and preferences. (Adidas, Nike, Apple)

To become popular is easy but to sustain that popularity for a long time is difficult. Aim high, Soar high.