10 things you need to know about the content for SEO


Do you think that quality content and SEO go hand in hand?

Well Yes, it should go hand in hand!

1. Know your audience

Know the reason behind the content. It will help the company to connect to its right kind of audience. Yet, some companies do make this mistake by providing wrong contents. Make sure that all the contents are relevant product, service or at least industry related. Provide interesting as well as informative content.

2. Keep your content under your own domain name

If the original content is under your domain name, you shall receive the credit of the traffic that you deserve. Utilize the opportunity to embed your original content in the form of videos, whitepapers or infographics.

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3. Provide attractive headlines

Let the policy be short texts and better impression. An effective headline can easily attract your audience faster. Even meta-descriptions play an important role in attracting your audience.

4. Use more keyword-based phrases

Using the right keywords in your headlines will help your audience to know what the content is all about. But, insertion of too many keywords will put down the readers continuity. Natural positioning of keywords will help you to gain more traffic. Take advantage of blog tags by tagging few relevant keywords from each post. Utilize the built-in tagging facilities.

5. Structure your post content

Sometimes your post content may be great with good vocabulary and sentence formations. But it could get lost because of inappropriate structure and unorganized format. Use appropriate fonts for titles and subtitles so hat the visual identity is also incorporated.

6. Include visual tools

Visual imageries are easy to capture into human minds. In this fast-moving world, people prefer simplified data with more of visuals. This will improve the connect to your audience. In addition, promote your blog with other social media platforms which will indirectly guide the traffic into your website.

7. Incorporate social media widgets

Social media is an important tool which facilitates sharing and direct support. It’s a community which can boost your click through rates. Incorporation of such widgets will help to direct the traffic into your website in the form of likes and links from posts and stories. Provide share buttons in your blogpost.

8. Monitor your traffic

Utilize platforms like Google Analytics to analyse your traffic database. Monitor your activities by checking bounce rates, the amount of time spent by users in the websites and ways of interactions by your customers with your website. Pay attention at the number of social interactions such as number of likes and shares to get an idea of the virality of your post. This help you to get directions to your interested traffic.

9. Promote link building

This is an important parameter for your website’s SEO ranking. You can as well embed codes along with infographics and videos. Exploring the creative ideas will definitely attract audience to your website. Natural link building and good content will increase share ability and it’s likely that other websites will link to it. You just need to ensure the quality of your content.

10. Make sure that there is google authorship

This helps to connect a content to a certain author with the help of Google+ account. It helps to increase the CTR (click through rate) to your articles. It is amazing for personal information and it also helps you to set up authorship for your website along with authors photo along with the articles.

Good content and SEO are like two sections of a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle gets completed only when all the pieces are fixed with quality techniques that will ensure higher rate of traffic and engagements to your website.

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