Top 10 things about SEO

Top 10 things about SEO-media-maven-digital-marketing
The first thing that a user does on online platform is use the search engine. Most often, it is Google search engine that users bank on to get their search results. And have you observed that it is only the first, say, five results among the ocean of results present on the internet, that the user sees and clicks on. 

Well, this is where Search Engine Optimization plays an important role.  Search Engine Optimization is one of the powerful tools of digital marketing that helps in optimizing search results and generate traffic on websites. There is a whole lot of functioning that goes into doing this process of optimization of search results and generating traffic. Application of SEO will help you to make it to the top of the results leading to the generation of traffic on your website. But how is all of this done? 

There are a few important things that goes into the SEO mechanism, that we need to get straight in order to get it right. 

1. One pre requisite in SEO is choosing if you wan to do On page SEO or Off page SEO ON page SEO refers to all the actions taken directly on your website in order to improve its rankings. Matter of importance in the On page SEO is keywords, meta description, Alt text, title tags, URL structure, internal linking, page performance.  Off page SEO on the other hand all the actions taken indirectly on your website. Off page SEO includes backlinks, domain authority, social promotion.  

2. Keywords- Keywords is the crux of SEO. Targeting the right keywords is equivalent to a skill an art in SEO. Its what helps in the optimizing and landing of more traffic on your website. It is necessary to choose the right kind of key words. Keywords can determine the quality of your website. That’s how important keywords are in SEO. For the best results, a keyword research can be conducted.  

 3. Backlinks- Backlinks a.k.a inbound or incoming linking is another important element of SEO. When a user moves from Website A to Website B, there is a backlink created for Website A. The higher number of backlinks, the higher the ranking for the website. 

4. Domain Authority - This yet another vital element in SEO that helps in ranking of the website. It can be used as a powerful metric against your competitors. 

5. URL structure - The Uniform Resource Locator is an important aspect to the webpage. It holds good as an online resource. It is necessary for an URL to be structured in the right manner. If URLs aren’t structured properly, it can lead to higher bounce rate as the user won’t be interested in the website looking at the ill structured URL. URL can count as a factor contributing to a good first impression.  

6. UTM parameters - UTM parameters are a se of parameters that help smoothen the process of digital marketing. The source of traffic, specific campaigns, clicks earned, etc. are all known by the UTM parameters. The UTM parameters are : Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Term.  

7. Social signals SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) compliment each other. Social signals help in getting the top rankings.  Social sharing encourages engagement, thus leading to more traffic on your website.  

8. Anything that slowers your website, needs to be avoided. This can hamper your organic listings to a great extent. A few ways to avoid the snail pace could be to declutter sidebars, avoid plugins, etc.  

9. Analytics - Analytics is needed to understand the source of generation of traffic, the effectiveness of the campaigns,  traffic channels, site content, audience, on the whole it is for understanding the performance of the SEO strategies taken by you.  

10. White Hat strategies vs Black Hat strategies- Its important to follow White Hat strategies in comparison to Black Hat strategies. White Hat strategies include putting up unique and gripping content, properly structures and relevant links, compliance of standards, images with relevant labels, minute spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar.  On the other hand, Black Hat strategies are those that include putting up of lousy and copied content, unstructured URLs, stuffed keywords,  unnecessary links, re-directing users to irrelevant sites. These strategies are just going to push deep into the ocean of search results.  Its advisable for you to enroll yourself to online digital marketing certification programs. This will make you a pro at the field.