5 Benefits of Google Analytics for your Website


Success and Failures are like two eyes for any business. If an entrepreneur or a businessman wants to sustain in the industry means not only they should be ready to enjoy the success and should be fit to face challenges, failures as well.

Success and failures of a business can be measured through sales, customer base, marketing campaigns on various platforms etc. If sales are good, then it’s easy to say that a business is having good customer base, have done effective marketing campaigns on various platforms and vices versa but how to measure this on company’s website???

Here comes the solution, i.e Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an exclusive free program offered by Google itself. These tools help to track and report website traffic.

Google Analytics help to track important parameters of your website such as content on the website, user-friendliness of your website, effectiveness of online marketing campaigns, publishes Data Report on Real time, Audience, Acquisition, behavior, conversions of company’s website.

5 benefits of Google Analytics for a company’s website.

1. Helps to understand customer behavior:
Customer is the king of any business. If content on website is very useful, user-friendly website, informative then a customer would like to spend their time on glancing through every page of company’s website.

Google Analytics tool helps to understand how many customers visiting a website in a minute, how much time on average a customer is spending time in website, is the content provided on the website is useful to customer or not, analyzes on which page in a website is having a high bounce rate & low bounce rate.

Reviews of satisfied customers are the best marketing tool for generating new leads to a business.

2. Helps to identify from where customers are coming for your website:
Every organization should know from where traffic is coming to their website because the website traffic plays a crucial role on company’s strategic decisions of where to make more investment towards increase the sales of the organization.

Google Analytics helps an organization to measure their website traffic on few parameters such as

A) From which geographic region the highest number of customers are landing on a website,

B) From which marketing campaign customers are landing on a website whether it is a pay per click promotion campaign or referrals or social media campaigns.
C) Helps to figure out the demographic nature includes Age, Gender of the customers to decide who is the target audience for business.

3. Shows the way to improve the ranking in the Search Engine:

Every organization wish that, their brand should be the first choice to prefer by their customers. This happens only through coming on first place in the search engine when customer wishes to purchase a particular product.

To achieve the first position in the search engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing. Keyword Search helps to improve the website ranking through coming on first page from second page in the search engine.

Google Analytics measures the effectiveness of keyword search of an organization in the search engine with help of statistical data compare with other keywords used in search engine. It helps to track the website traffic through UTM parameter.

To attract and increase traffic, website needs to be visible on Google search engine. It will happen through adding new and latest keywords to the content on the website based on Google Analytics views. Relevant keywords, and URLs will help to track website traffic.

4. Review the performance of social media campaign:
Social media make things viral and reaches many people over. the night itself. So social media campaign is very effective and cost a lot of money. So every organization need to identify the specific platform to invest their money to increase their website traffic.

Google Analytics figures out which social media campaign (Face book Ads, Linked In Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads and others) is an effective campaign to reach out many gatherings and through which campaign traffic is increasing to the website.

The accurate data given by Google Analytics on results of social media campaign, it suggests an organization to invest more on those campaigns to increase the sales rather than diversifying their investment on other campaigns.

5. Motivates to set up Goals:
Every company has to set up their annual goals to sustain in the market. Goals may be on achieving the sales target, increasing their foot presence, increasing their customer base, setting up their budget allocation for marketing activities, etc.

Google Analytics gives time to time indications about company’s stand on reaching their goals.

Many organizations won’t utilize this feature of setting up goals in Google Analytics, thinks that it’s just like another feature but it’s very useful for organization’s business improvement because Google Analytics gives graphical representation with numbers of sales and conversions, on website performance.

However, Google Analytics has salient features in their program. Those features will have huge impact on performance of a website in the market. The features in Google Analytics are customizable and produce various reports on real time, audience, acquisition, behavior, conversation fields.

All these features will help a website to increase traffic which will be having a direct impact on increasing sales, building the brand of the organization.

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