How Digital Marketing certifications can impress your Recruiters?

In the current times when the world economy is taking a knock-out punch in the face like never before, the companies and big organisations are looking for a bail out from this scenario. As the recent news suggests, there have been many layoffs and salary cuts for employees in these organisations. Not, only the lower echelon of the management suffering, the C-Level leadership are setting example by taking self-imposed salary cuts. So, at the time when whole world is going through a magnanimous change, what are the trends that are affecting the workplace? Turns out, most companies, be it MSMEs or the big MNCs, almost everyone have a digital strategy for present time as well as future. Now, the role pf digital marketer or digital marketing analyst turns more crucial in the success of firm’s digital strategy. The Human Resources Dept. is now hunting for digital marketers, to explore the company’s avenues in digital sphere. Consulting a digital marketing agency is an option for the companies who want to make big, but there has been surge in hiring of digital marketers. Now, Digital Marketing Certification can impress your recruiter. But there is an existing skill lag in the companies. The people they hire don’t have enough skills. So, right type of certification can land you at the right place and at the right time with the right skills. Some of the important things that your manager would want to do if you are digital marketer are –
  • Generate content for the organisation working for.
  • Engage the online customers with that content.
  • Initiate new campaigns which will generate more traffic.
  • Increase amount of customer base on digital media.
  • Increased revenues from digital platforms.
  • Inputs on digital strategy
Digital Marketing Certification is something that is on the top of the mind of the recruiters and they are looking for authentic ones. So, if the graduates haven’t got what they are looking for, its only going to raise eyebrows. The recruiters double check on these types of shady certifications, just to ensure what they are hiring is even good enough. There are organisations, earning their share while they make fool out of students, luring them into trap of making them a ‘certified digital marketing professional,’ by the end of the course. The reality is somewhat else and it is this reality check that recruiters want to expose.
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But, on top of that we can’t deny the fact of the organisations working to provide greater value to the students. The students get the better of the course and that is same displayed during the interviews, when recruiters find out its not just another empty suit. A certified digital marketing person get paid almost 30% more than its counterparts for the same job. There is more to gain for the digital marketers in the coming age. The digital marketing jobs are usually more flexible and involves creative thinking of the person dealing with it. Even during the job, there are various skills that the certified professional develops which helps him/her in life. Design thinking is another aspect of this job, where the marketer finds himself developing out of the box solutions for the problems faced. But this is rather due to the nature of the job. Digital marketing also allows the marketers to be closely associated with the customers and helps to bridge in the gap between the customer’s voice and top-level management. To get the most of your time and money, you need to find good Digital Marketing Certification courses. For that you need to do your homework and may be possibly interact more with the recruiters to help find out where to bridge the trust gap as far as the certifications part is concerned. No doubt, the field is replete with success and also offers growth to your career, a good certification can land you at the place, you would have never thought of. Its true everybody wants to make it big in their lives. To make it big in this field requires dedication, hardwork and focus. The rules of marketing have changed, business has evolved and the world is experiencing a seismic shift in which things are done. Nonetheless, according to Darwin’s theory, ‘only the strong survives.’ But, this is 21st century, where only the ‘paranoid’ survives.  

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